Getting in the Spirit (While Cleaning Up a Bit)

Posted on December 02, 2012

Craftgawker is a fabulous resource for things like this: a fabric scrap project that is so easy and so beautiful you just have to quick! - dig around to find three or four or five or six (or seven or...) prints you just have to use right now

This styrofoam artichoke is perfect for holiday decorating. Either in a bowl on the coffee table or as ornaments, they are a lovely, tactile addition. Better still, it's a great use of some of that so-called-clutter you've been hoarding.

Instructions for these artichokes can be found by clicking any of the pictures. (Compliments of Knitty Gritty Thoughts and also Knuckle Salad.) You probably have the supplies you need already. And if you don't, I'm pretty sure you'll be at a craft store sometime in the near future anyway, right?  

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