Pinterest, Japanese Fabrics, and the 24-Hours in a Day Dilemma

Posted on November 04, 2012


So many ideas, so little time. Admit it. Pinterest has become not only a major part of your creative life, but a strain on the the traditional 24-hour clock we live by. We have all spent hours upon hours pinning our next projects. (Which begs the answer to "how is everything else getting done around here?") 

But as far as vices go, it does seem harmless enough, doesn't it? Especially when you find simple, FREE tutorials. Browsing around with Japanese fabrics on my mind, something caught my eye:

The board above, by Katy . via Asia Monét, is filled with great ideas. (You should investigate.) But check out the first project now.

The "For Pleats Sake Tote" by Lisa Lam at U-Handbag. Talk about busy. This new mom, former restauranteur and entrepreneur just finished her first book, "The Bag Making Bible." She has lots of wonderful ideas, so check out all her other patterns. (Download a FREE pattern for this bag here.)

So add a For Pleats Sake Tote to your To-Do List, pick any of our Japanese fabrics (10% off through November!), and then water your plants. It's been awhile.

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