Summer Love

Posted on June 06, 2012


It's here! It's really here! Welcome, Summer. We've missed you.

In honor of one of the coolest seasons (and by coolest, we mean hottest), we've gathered together some of our favorite summertime prints here at zeetzeet. If they don't inspire your next project, perhaps they'll inspire you to go sit in the shade with a lemonade, dreaming of how you'll spend those lazy days before you. Ah, Summer Love... 


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Posted by Toshiko on April 06, 2015

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Posted by Subhas on April 04, 2015

The cover is awesome and I think it fits the story (at least the parts I’ve read) rellay well! Love the blue especially. It’s rellay lovely. Congratulations on getting one step closer to publication! Can’t wait to read WASTELAND in its entirety!

Posted by Nelma on April 03, 2015

hmmmmm or how about doing matrix style 360 deegres around a flower . taking 360 photos, offsetting the camera 1 degree each picture around the object of interests centrifugal centre . and ending up with a loopable 360 dgree view of the subject on video? fasinating visualisation .

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